What is tbroot?

tbroot started as an internal project at Tight Business Solutions, Inc. to track business matters and to help us coordinate our own internal projects. We have always believed firmly in the Open Source movement (f*ck SCO) and we know the Open Source business model can work (yeah RedHat!). We offer services of web design, graphic design, and network design and deployment to small and medium sized businesses in the St. Louis area. As the company and the project grew and more people began to take interest in development, both internally and externally, the board decided to seek SoureForge.NET presence, primarly because we wanted a central CVS source. The project has taken on a direction of providing a fully functional HTML only (powered by PHP and mySQL) business management and small group collorabation portal. Specific traits are the ability to easily interface, view, and manage business matters from wireless devices. As a side note, Tight Business Solutions, Inc. (or as we like to call it, Tightbusiness) is also interested in providing more bilingual services in English and Spanish. Currently the founder (Kevin) is studying in Puerto Rico during the summer and the co-founder (Jason) is working in Spain.

Can I use tbroot to in my own business?

Of course! However the current functionally active version, Alpha3, is no where near production ready and is only used internally. The new version which is in the CVS on SourceForge.NET is the alphafinal version. Developers are working on it right now! (yes, literally right now)
Note: If you're curious what the alpha3 code looks like, you can get it in the Files section under alpha4experimental. Get both the table schema and the code. This is basically Alpha3 with some relational updates and broken output rendering because of them, but the heart is still there.

My boss likes to spend money. Where can I find professional support for tbroot?

From Tightbusiness. We will begin sales of an assortment of professional support packages for tbroot after a stable, production-ready release has been completed and shaken down.

tbroot is awesome, but it lacks 'x' functionality. What should I do?

Good question. There are three things that you can do:

  1. Submit a Feature Request
    Using SourceForge.NET, submit a feature request. For the impatient (I am too, don't worry) go here: Feature Request Tracker. Please browse over the current requests to make sure something like yours isn't already there. If something is, but not quite, go ahead and extend it.
  2. Contract Tightbusiness
    Need that functionality... tomorrow? You can contract Tight Business Solutions, Inc. to write additional functionality (in the form of a new module) for you by a specific deadline. Sorry, but licensing of the module must be GPL.
  3. Join the Development Team
    As a member of the Dev Team, your requests and ideas will be taken more seriously. Not only that, but you'll get a hand in writing your own code, allowing you to craft a solution exactly the way you want it done. We'll also be there to help you out along the way. This, by far, is the preferred method.

Can I help develop tbroot?

Definitely! To start, go to the Document Manager and read the tbcore System Specification to get an idea of how the system works. Then check out the Style Guideline to see how code for the project should be formatted. If you're still interested, contact one of the project managers and ask to be added to the Dev Team. In the meantime, use the anonymous CVS to grab a local copy and start hacking away: either working out bugs, implementing features, or writing your own modules. We love bug fixes. If you give us a bug fix, you're definitely on the team. :) If you'd like, you may also write documentation, contribute to conceptual planning of future versions, etc. All of these services are provided by SourceForge.NET, hence one of our reasons for taking advantage of such a stellar service.

Wow you guys are cool! Are you as cool as Linus himself?

Definitely not. He is cooler than PHP.

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